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Manage file systems

  • Highest precept: make electronic files and file folder most closely approximate.
  • Also downgraded e-mail files.
  • Mind that your files are easy of access, no complicated opening and closing mechanism, no lids, no clips, no covers.
  • Take care that you don’t spend to much effort for files and records because 80% won’t be needed again.
  • Don’t use the labels „diverse“ oder „sundries“. Make it as specific as possible.
  • If you apply annual details you will know easily what to dispose or delete.
  • Discuss and compile the planned electronic records with your team (it could be turbulently ;-)), open shop.
  • Choose distinct and concrete file names (data file as well as paper).
  • Mind the corporate design. Convenient template for MAC and PC is „Design Pro“ from Avery.
  • Set up your electronic files timely, not more than six levels. Set a standard of inscription together with your team, don’t use special characters.
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