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Tips against the flood of e-mails

  • Support your colleagues at their prioritization.
  • Backing and concern are helpful while delegating.
  • Think twice what you and your team need to deal with e-mail flood and information.
  • Avoid time-devouring e-mail sending back and forth. Instead short and clear messages.
  • Resolve vagues subjects by phone call.
  • Stem the cc-mania by reacting to unnecessary e-mails.
  • Before writing an e-mail think about rather to talk about the subject at the next meeting.
  • Implement an e-mail etiquette in your company. F.ex. no e-mails on weekends or after 7 p.m.
  • Minimize layoffs by avoiding ad-hoc management. F.ex. invitations to spontaneous meetings via e-mail.
  • Create undisturbed working time and recreation time.
  • Essential skills in order to not succumb the information overkill: Mastery of technics and basis skills of time management.
  • Delve into the features of your e-mail system, such as „showing conversation“ or „clean up“.
  • More skills against flood of e-mails: ability to deal with conflict and self-assertion to defend your own rules.
  • Concentrate and communicate results-oriented, frame concisely and decide.
  • Turn off the acoustic signal of your e-mail notification.
  • Read and answer your e-mails just three times a day. This response time will be mostly suitable fort he sender.
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