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Marathon of organization tips for optimized office processes

You wished you would be better at your office work? You finally like to establish order, to snap out of permanent searching things? You like to be free to care for your clients? You would be happy to give thought to strategic ideas and to development of new products? You need time for different decisions?

But you know it will be very hard to realize every wish during daily routine. And, to be honest, you know that it doesn’t need major investments to optimize your and your colleagues’ way of working and to be gainfully. You are aware of changing your own way of working first and improving self-organisation in order to be a role model. Then you will have perfect team-oriented and company-wide co-operations.

Our tips should help you to remember necessary changes and constant improvements. Look at good organization like sports, which you like to practice. You will be better and better by daily exercise


Stem the flood of e-mails

Be a role model and set an example by conscious use of e-mails.


Chaos? No thanks!

Filling costs money, takes time, space and good mood. Cut off from things you don’t need.


Manage your filing

Highest precept: make electronic files and file folder most closely approximate.

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