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Our customer’s opinion and customer testimonials

International Flavors & Fragrances GmbH, D.Marcinkiewicz, Dec. 2013

We have learned a lot and look foward to use the learnings in the upcoming weeks and months. According to my colleagues’ feedback your methods are successfully applied. „Tomato time“ seems to be the household word by now. We will definitely inform you about our proceedings.

Literaturwegen, J. Ehrnsberger, Dec. 2013

Thank you so much for the workshop! Now I keep a morning to-do list, don’t open any e-mail before 11 a.m., make appointments after 11 a.m. and plough through all my financial affairs. And look! It’s not that bad!
I’m just converting the folder structure on my PC and naming all my files uniformly. I really find that no trouble and it makes everything clearer. Why didn’t I attend your workshop years ago? As of now I understand that business contacts mean hard cash. So I compile a decent address-database. Every day I enter data of existing business cards – according to Pomodori just for 10 minutes.

CPM Car Professional Management GmbH, A. Wilhelm, Dec.2013

…I attended many workshops already, but none revealed so much new and suitable for daily use input like yours…

Königsdruck Berlin, C. Zacharias, Nov. 2013

…Mrs. Kaden, with the help of your confident, inspiring and tackling way we could manage to setting the important course. Fitted with your practice-oriented tips, we could not only achieve real success subject to time and organisation but also in additional areas… We absolutely recommend a close collaboration!

Allsafe JUNGFALK GmbH & Co. KG, D. Lohmann, Nov. 2013

Andrea Kaden lives up to her company name „Zeitgewinn“ (time-saving). She started her week of second waltz-station at allsafe JUNGFALK with curiosity and open to something new. Powered by
new information about a different corporate structure Mrs. Kaden set the PEP (product engineering process) colleagues’ thinking…All colleagues and associates involved reveived a positive impression. They will organise and care for their working place as well as for the entourage according to their useful learnings. For allsafe this week with Andrea kaden has been a real time-saving. Thank you so much!

Skyeditorial, G.Trusch, Nov. 2013

…yesterday I attended a workshop at the Kreativgesellschaft and have to do a tedious and unpleasant work today… So I used the learned „rule of 20 minutes“ and noticed that it really works!
I can manage a lot in that short term. Whether I lengthened the period or had a short pause. Then the next 20 minutes… and I managed NOT to read my e-mails in between or to answer a phone call or to get involved in a talk with colleagues. Thanks a lot for the precious tip!

Natascha Clasing, Nov. 2013

…thank you very much for the accounting table and the great tips!
I’m using a test version of Busycal already (very nice!) and my PC is organized according to the learned file structure – feels very good!
Finally I can find everything quickly! Also dropbox is installed. Now I work through all and will come back to you for sure.

InterNations GmbH, C.Fellner, Oct. 2013

Andrea Kaden was with us at the right time. I already thought for a while that due to our rapid increase many tools and processes have to be optimised. But I had no time, daily business was running and I am not a professional organizer. By means of Andrea’s speed I realized how professional and competent she got to work. I got a lot of useful tips to use Outlook more efficiently and also to my organisation of working time.
In just one week we were able to form many optimised processes and also to become paperless. In future it will save time and money… It was a very worthwhile week with lots of aha experiences and insights.
Thank you, Andrea for your magnificent support!

Speak up, B. Wenske, Aug. 2013

Working with Mrs. Kaden my office got so much more cleaned up and organized. Before I had little structure in my documents. It took a long time to find something needed. Mrs. Kaden arranged my papers and set up a really comprehensible filing system. And that’s just for me!
Furthermore I am almost completely paperless, which saves a lot of time. In my opinion Mrs. Kaden is very straight, targeted and qualified.
I really recommend her work with good reason!

AWO Hamburg, Works committee, Jan. 2013

…We needed to set up a data structure which makes file finding easy for everyone, we wanted to generate and use „real“ team-knowledge.
With exhausting but thrilling workshops we managed to conceive a file plan which was accepted by every colleague. Even if it would mean essential changes… For a start we planned just to clear up part of the papers. But to our delight the folders have been slashed additionally.
Now we have fun working with Outlook professionally and also the sceptical colleagues are brought in a more modern and more teamwork office organization.

Welecon Consulting Services, M. Vogel, Nov. 2011

As a company grows, the structure has to be adapted.
In this process Mrs. Kaden was a great support: competent, pleasant, patient, giving good advice, having an eye on costs and benefit, almost like our coach.
Our company is growing and flourishing and Mrs. Kaden has a large share. Yes, I will recommend her – and if existing I would click the „Like“ button. Thank you a lot and good luck furthermore!

Dental clinic, B. Pupke, May 2011

Well-conceived and efficient: Mrs. Kaden breathed new life and structure into my office organisation. Within a short time we set up a new filing system, which facilitates my office work distinctly. With the support of Mrs. Kaden I succeeded to cut off from „residual paper waste“. Now I need less space for my office supplies. Thanks to Andrea Kaden I gained time and space!

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