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Time saving with time management 3.0 – employed but yet unenslaved!

„Time is the element we exist in. We whether will be hovered or drowned.“ (Joyce Carol Oates)

Objective of the seminar

Your perception and attention towards time will be trained.

Changing your sense means growth of your ability to manage your time. Conventionell techniques of time management such as Eisenhower, ALPEN or Pareto are only the basic modules you should know for your professional life.

The challenge nowadays is to stick to the planning despite all disturbances. Not the planning itself. Time management 3.0 has the focus on this subject.

The point is that you have to leave your worry behind to be caught up in a whirlwind of activity. Instead all attendees can learn to be carried by the stream of time. They will develop techniques and competence to organize their own time. Because: only the feeling of maximum possible freedom to set one’s own time will defy time pressure durably.


Target group for time management 3.0 seminars

This seminar is  conceived for an admin staff group of maximum 10.


We offer this seminar as a modular system. So you can choose between a full package or single modules, f.ex.

Time management – pure character-driven?  – for „The time is extended for those who know how to benefit by it.“ (Leonardo da Vinci)

Durchstarten zum Erfolg – planning instead of chaos – for „Who doesn’t plan, will be planned.“ (Unknown)

No chance for perfectionism! – for „Perfection is paralysis“ (Winston S. Churchill)

Farewell to „procrastination“- for „Delay is named the thief of always.“ (Edward Young)

Organize in a systematic way – for „You will gain an hour for every minute you invest in organization.“ (Benjamin Franklin)

Multitasking good bye – Concentrated working time is rare, disturbance is the order of the day and a contemporary disruption management is the biggest challenge nowadays.

„Love it or leave it?“ – dealing properly with stress – for „Serenity are only gained through getting back to basics.“ (Georg Moser)

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