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On course to a stress-free and sophisticated self-organization


„Who I am and if yes how many?“ (loosely based on David Precht), you might have asked yourself often – whether you are a freelancer, an entrepreneur or an executive employee. You are daily faced with various subjects, such as strategy formation, human resource and customer management, controlling….

Many of you might also be engaged in professional associations and political boards, pursue a hobby and have a family.

As versatile the entrepreneur’s jobs are as versatile is his/her personality and behind each an individual method of operating and organisating.


Find out which operating and organisating character you are. And: which tools will fit best at your day-to-day work, since not every method or program will be suitable to anyone.


You will receive tips for your personal organisational style and get to know tools which support your individual way of working. Thus you will cope with daily challenges by stress-free selforganization and sophisticated self-management.


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