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Paperless office – mobility is the name of the game

Information at your Fingertips“ said Bill Gates already in 1995.


It’s high time to hit this road. Who didn’t moan about permanent filing and searching for documents at times? Aren’t you tired of the mountains of paper and just want to have your information quick and anywhere available? You still dream of an empty desk and availability of information at the touch of a button? If you decide to hit the road towards a paperless office you will approach your dream to a big extent.


Instead of folders and trays your notebook, iPad or smartphone will suffices to get „information at your fingertips“. This seminar teaches you how to lay the foundations for an IT-based organisation. The realization of a mobile, paperless office is as easy as never before. We will answer all your questions concerning how to start, which technology is useful, how much you have to invest and which legal requirements you have to consider.


You will obtain comprehensive information on required hard- , software and expenses. You will be concerned with data structure, information flows and data security as well as data protection and backup. In addition you will get to know some cool tools for mobile devices.


We also offer our seminar “Paperless office – mobility is the name of the game” as inhouse seminar or we support the realization directly at your office.

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