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Modern office organization in the paperless office

Content of the seminar:

Efficient dealing with full inbox, e-mail management and optimally arranged data and document filing are an important module for successful office work. A good structure on your PC and of your inbox will support your timesaving work. Automation and a well-conceived workflow create space and time for the actual important jobs. Also thematised: How can you correlate your personally preferred way of working with the demanded or corporate one?

Objective of the seminar:

The attendees will reflect on their own ways of working and realize the chance due to automation and standardization in the office.

They will learn which system and structure are helpful to unify their work with data files and paper and how the way to paperless office will be easy and successful. Plus the attendees get to know how to manage the flood of e-mails and to create a more efficient filing.

Example for an impulse speech: Office organisation and paperless office


Office administration 2.0 – Processual thinking increases the productivity

Content of the seminar:

Essential decisions are made in the office, offices provide for the company’s cash flow, office is everywhere.

Even a good self-management needs to be questioned and improved permanently. It nucleates the success of office and team work. Besides, well-defined standards belong to a professional work.

Process operations of an office have to be  developed, standardised and known. With continous improvement only (Kaizen) and  including concerned parties you will be able to realize a modern quality office sustainably.

Goal of the the seminar:

The attendees will reflect on their own ways of working and realize the meaning of continous improvement. With the help of simple process mapping and the so-called W-questions they learn to perceive and visualize potential for improvement.

Furthermore the attendees gain knowledge of creative techniques (mindmap, brainstorming, lateral thinking) in order to work on improvement of quality and office productivity.


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