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Process optimization

Motivated employees and highly efficient work processes are two fundamental pillars of corporate success. Modern enterprises undergo constant change and adjustment in line with market requirements. However, this does not necessarily have to mean immediate change management or a change in culture; ideally the process should involve permanent continuous improvement undertaken in small steps.


We take the view that small steady improvements provide the basis for profound and sustainable change, which ultimately results in major change. The chances of keeping employees on board and, ideally, involved and ready to deliver ideas with enthusiasm is greater through progression in small steps than when radical changes from outside the company are imposed. As a result, we pursue the Kaizen philosophy in our work and approach.

Kaizen (Japanese 改善 „change for the better“)

also frequently referred to as CIP (continual improvement process) in Europe, is a Japanese philosophy of life and work based on the pursuit of continual improvement. Essentially, the philosophy advocates that the economic success of a company results from products and services that deliver maximum customer satisfaction through excellent quality. Based on this conviction, the quest for improvement extends throughout all levels of the company.


In many companies, pure production processes are organized in a streamlined and exceptionally efficient way with the aid of Kaizen, CIP, Six Sigma or other lean methods. By contrast, in the various company offices – meaning practically all other departments apart from production – the subject of waste-avoidance and process optimization is frequently treated like a poor relation. As a result, this is precisely why this area offers such enormous untapped potential both in terms of cost reduction and employee motivation.


We offer introductory Kaizen events through which you and your employees become familiar with the Kaizen principle. Subsequently, the Kaizen methodology is introduced in workshops at various stages over a period of months and your employees are trained in the process of pursuing continuous improvement.

The five primary Kaizen stages,

that constantly permeate any given process are:

  • create order and neatness
  • agree standards
  • optimize processes
  • promote independent responsibility
  • agree goals and key performance indicators

We help you to break free of the office grind, get started and make that first step. Even during the initial stages, in no time at all you will gain a fresh feeling of control.

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