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Paperless office

Sick and tired of searching through mountains of paper or unwieldy files for important information? Do you want to have access to all your documents even when you are on the move? Do you want to be mobile and flexible at last, and also communicate efficiently with your staff? We offer you advice and support in terms of introducing the appropriate systems and guide you and your staff through the process of achieving a paperless office. Amongst other things this involves:

1. Analysis of

  • current work processes
  • data structure
  • data and information flows
  • existing hardware and software
  • staff knowledge and motivation

2. Objective and implementation planning

  • establishment of objectives, milestones and schedule planning
  • ascertainment of the hardware and software requirement (we work together with experienced cooperation partners in relation to customer management, data management and archiving systems)
  • ascertainment of the training requirement
  • ascertainment of time and cost requirement

3. Implementation

  • familiarization of the team with the advantages and need for a paperless office by means of workshops
  • creation of electronic filing plans, storage and data backup provisions and establishment of access rights
  • as an initial phase, clearing, filing, archiving and/or sorting out of paper
  • team workshops to define processes
  • guidance during the introduction and implementation of new structures
  • scan service
  • evaluation

Useful information and tips are also available in the blog: Paperless office


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