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New office – new workplace

Setting up a new office or site

You are interested in setting up a new office, opening at a new site, integrating new external employees into your current structure or simply starting afresh with new ideas? You’re hoping that with good teamwork and communication everything will run smoothly from the outset? In that case, we’d be perfect for you. Nowadays, modern and efficient workplace organization means:

  • Almost complete digitalization and therefore paperless working
  • Being highly flexible and mobile
  • Being highly available
  • Working highly efficient
  • Keep the costs for administration very low

We ensure that you benefit from these advantages and:

  • You won’t have to worry about location-related issues
  • Everything will go smoothly moving into the new office and/or regarding new employees
  • Electronic and analog communication and teamwork are in place from the outset, catered to your individual requirements and standards


New office - new workplace

New offices in Germany – we support you with:

  • Finding an office space
  • Dealing with all necessary formalities and paperwork (if necessary we work alongside lawyers and accountants) during the founding or new settlement process
  • Advising in the establishment of the office, for both technical and design support
  • Ensuring that the necessary technology (hardware and software) is in place and running from the very first day
  • Designing efficient work processes for the new office
  • Supporting and/or taking on the recruiting process and if needed the completion of relevant paperwork
  • The training of new staff

New offices abroad

If you are a German business looking to open a branch abroad – we support you with:

  • Putting necessary technology connections and equipment into place on location
  • Professionally constructing the office
  • Training your German employees in cyber communication and teamwork
  • Training foreign employees in your chosen tools, programs and working methods (in English)
  • Training your employees on intercultural integration issues for the Arabic and Latin American regions (with our cooperation partner)


virtual coworker

Einbindung neuer/virtueller Mitarbeiter (global)

  • We issue you with a catalogue of staff requirements and job descriptions
  • We make recommendations for modern collaboration tools
  • We set up any technology equipment for the new employees
  • We develop lean collaboration-, communication- and reporting processes
  • We train new employees and ensure that standards are maintained from the outset

With our support you can establish a productive, efficient and sustainable working environment at your new location from the outset. Lean administrative and digital processes are not only necessary to ensure focus on the core business, but also to maintain a good public image and attract top talent.

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