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Efficient office organization

The quality of administrative tasks is determining corporate success to an ever-greater extent. As such, the untapped potential for optimization in this area is huge! These days, office productivity is multi-dimensional, with the days of performing most of the same tasks in the same way now very much a thing of the past.


It is not simply a question of completing tasks, your customers should also be satisfied or, even better, wholeheartedly impressed! Naturally, each task must be implemented on time and in a resource-friendly manner. The influence of the individual on overall success is considerable. Ultimately, only those who have an effective grip on their work area are also able to contribute successfully to the team – and only properly functioning teams can work together above and beyond departmental boundaries in an effective, efficient and performance enhancing way.


For this reason, our organizational consulting pursues the following steps:

1. Organization and optimization of the personal workplace

The initial step involves analysis of the individual process carried out at the respective workplace and employee self-organization. The essential aim is to increase the awareness of individuals in terms of quality, costs and forms of waste within their areas of responsibility, with the ultimate goal being proactive employees and transparent and team-oriented workplace organization.

2. Improved cooperation within the team

Awareness of waste, subsequent optimization of work processes, treating colleagues like customers, efficient communication, effective organization and, not least, an eye for the essential are all ‘key phrases’ for ensuring that collective knowledge is readily available — preferably at the touch of a button.

3. Company process optimization

Company processes can only function smoothly where those involved know and understand the procedures. This also forms the basis for recognizing the potential for improvement. The aim of this step is to achieve lean, low-waste, reliable information and service flows that fulfill the highest quality and quantity requirements. Customer and employee satisfaction is the primary goal.


From the initial analysis discussion through to workshops, seminars, workplace coaching and follow-ups, we guide you every step of the way until the desired situation is achieved in your company.


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