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Mrs. Paperless on the road

Mrs. Paperless on waltz

Mrs. Paperless on the road

Posted by Andrea Kaden in Mrs. Paperless on waltz 15 Nov 2013

Mrs. Paperless will take to the road – but why? 

Gaining experiences at first hand

Learning from each other has been a priority formerly. Therefore journeymen wandered from firm to firm. They took to the road (they waltzed) to get to know new approaches to their craft and to give their skills tot he host firms at the same time.

That is what I like to do in the past quarter of 2013. I will take to the road my „craft“ professional organizing. One week each I want to hear from the horse’s mouth how the daily work is organized and want to collaborate. Plus: I like to share my knowledge concerning process optimization and paperless office. This „reality check“ will be a reciprocity.

Certainly it’s worth an experiment, don’t you think?


My motivation to take to the road

Planning my trip I am really excited because I don’t know yet what I will experience.

All the companies I’m staying with are totally different by size and branche. So the varying projects will be gripping. My hosts testify their openness and their willingness to reflect on their organization by inviting me and having planned my mission already. I feel blessed to get to know such companies! 

My hosts will adventure something:

  • They give a foreign consultant access
  • They are willing to face up to criticism
  • They take time for me but also for their own improvement

I will adventure:

  • Invaluable knowledge and experiences
  • insights into successful companies and their corporate culture plus functioning
  • adventurous spirit
  • to motivate and getting inspired.

And finally my waltzing move is interesting in terms of marketing for my business:

  • I can write of it
  • I will get to know interesting and nice people, who might know someone who knows someone….
  • And maybe my host companies will write of me or recommend my work
  • And, as I know already, my trip is also attractive to the press.

I like to be a role model, as a person and as an entrepreneur, in the matter of lifelong learning, curiosity, openness, mobility and flexibility. And, according to my experiences, you can only change something by setting others an example of it.

Even if it is exhausting, it brings joy and strength.


In my opinion to take to the road is a great chance for young people to learn about a company and for companies to learn about potential new employees.

Nonsense! People of every age can do who look for new horizons!

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