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Get my organizing services for free

Get my organizing services for free

Posted by Andrea Kaden in Article 20 Aug 2014

Get my organizing Services for free

I have a dream: I want to learn more about Europe and the rest of the world. What are the lives of people like in other countries? What are their values ​​and visions? And I’d like to improve my English or even ​learn the basics of other languages.

I’d like to realize this dream by combining work (offer my organizing services) and travel.

And this is where you can help. Of course, not just as a favor, but in exchange. There should be a give and take.

What I’m looking for

In order to achieve my dream, I am seeking the opportunity to spend a week bringing my expertise as a Professional Organizer and Mrs. Paperless to your company.


Your company should  be located outside of German-speaking Europe with business conducted in  English. Otherwise, my dream is open as far as industry, company size, country and culture are concerned. After all, I want to broaden my horizons.

What I offer

I will provide my professional organization services to your company at no charge. I don’t expect to be paid and will take care of my own travel and accommodation expenses. Just the opportunity to work abroad for a while is worth it to me.


I am passionate about office organization. I love helping people by showing them how to make administrative tasks simpler, faster and largely paperless. Reduce paperwork! Instead, gain time for the essentials, your main tasks, the strategic aspects of your business.


To achieve this, I bring a bulging suitcase full of successful methods. I can help you:

  • fight against the pile of paperwork
  • create a simple and logical structure for your electronic file system or help you clean up your existing structure
  • declutter and/or redesign your workspace or entire office
  • take the first or the next step to a paperless office
  • make your data and the whole office mobile
  • generally accelerate the processes in your office
  • take care of that backlog.

I also offer:

  • many tips for personal time management and self-organization
  • tricks for dealing with Outlook, Microsoft Office and general tips for dealing with your Windows PC or Mac
  • marketing tips and ideas
  • a large helping of good old German organization and efficiency:-)

How you can help

Do you work in a company that matches my description? Or do you know a company that matches my description that you could refer to my listing? Then I’d appreciate getting an email (andrea@mrs-paperless.com) from you. Surely you will have questions. It’s best if we discuss them directly.


My main goal is to realize my dream as easily as possible, without lots of bureaucratic hassle. It should really be as simple as it sounds: one week’s free work from me – but abroad at your office. No small print, no triplicate.

Even if you’ve never considered bringing a professional organizer to your company, this is your chance to get help without any risk to you. It won’t cost you anything, but it will be worth a lot to me.


How about it? Do you have the kind of environment that I’m looking for? Or do you have a subsidiary or branch or even another company that might be perfect for this deal? Then let me know by email (andrea@mrs-paperless.com).

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