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Creating Kaizen Culture

Creating Kaizen Culture

Creating Kaizen Culture

Posted by Andrea Kaden in Kaizen / KVP 25 Jun 2014

Creating a Kaizen Culture:

Align the Organization, Achieve Breakthrough Results, and Sustain the Gains

von Jon Miller, Mike Wroblewski, Jaime Villafuerte, Published in November 2013, 249 pages


Get started with kaizen, implement it in your organization using kaizen events, and ensure the improvements are realized and sustained.
 Co-written by leaders at the Kaizen Institute, Creating a Kaizen Culture: Align the Organization, Achieve Breakthrough Results, and Sustain the Gains shows how to lead through the different kaizen events, focusing less on theory and philosophy, and more on how to put the knowledge into practice. This practical guide helps you understand how to use the various forms of kaizen to propel rapid and sustainable performance improvement. It provides a detailed and illustrated road map to organized kaizen implementation.
 You will find all the materials and tasks required for preparation, execution, and follow-up of kaizen events. This book bridges the gap between an overview for management and a manual for practitioners. Tips, case studies from kaizen-driven leaders, templates, and one point lessons round out the work, and offer additional insight into the authors kaizen breakthrough achievements. With more than 75 years of accumulated experience using kaizen to lead real transformation, the authors offer a unique work in its structured, visual design and rich but practical content. 
Step-by-step descriptions of how to lead with kaizen, and how to follow up to sustain improvements.


  • Tips on empowering employees while holding them accountable for their results
  • Case studies by kaizen-driven CEOs such as Art Byrne and John Toussaint.
  • Includes one point lessons one-page summaries that capture the main principle of each chapter.
  • A wealth of experience from three experts who have led kaizen events in a wide variety of industries and different sized companies.
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