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Get my organizing services for free

Posted by Andrea Kaden in Article

Get my organizing Services for free I have a dream: I want to learn more about Europe and the rest of the world. What are the lives of people like in other countries? What are their values ​​and visions? And I’d like to improve my English or even ​learn the basics of other languages. I’d like…

Time management 3.0

Posted by Andrea Kaden in Productivity and time management

Time management 3.0 – now more than ever! If you are under the impression that you do not have enough time for anything anymore – so you suffer from time shortage – then you are in good company. Most professionals complain of permanent time pressure. Now you might think that everything would be better if only…

Mrs. Paperless on waltz

Posted by Andrea Kaden in Mrs. Paperless on waltz

Mrs. Paperless on waltz My first waltz station is over – time for a review You can imagine how curious I’ve been about my first day at InterNations. How would the colleagues and the reception be? Typic Bavarian or international reserved? So I was waiting in the teamlodge on Monday morning and different colleagues greeted…

Mrs. Paperless on the road

Posted by Andrea Kaden in Mrs. Paperless on waltz

Mrs. Paperless will take to the road – but why?  Gaining experiences at first hand Learning from each other has been a priority formerly. Therefore journeymen wandered from firm to firm. They took to the road (they waltzed) to get to know new approaches to their craft and to give their skills tot he host…

Drive organization – practical implementation

Posted by Andrea Kaden in Continous improvement, Folder structure and file plan, Office organisation, Paperless office

Drive organization – practical implementation Regardless of size, in many companies staff complain about the lack of organized drives, widespread chaos, having to search endlessly for the information they require, being constantly unsure that the file in question is the updated version and frequently running the risk of foundering in a flood of different file…

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