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Ulrike Gagel Petereit

Ulrike Gagel-Petereit

Our assiduous writer: Ulrike Gagel-Petereit

As long ago as 2008 she is specializing in strategy consulting and operative support of marketing and communication processes. She pursues her passion for writing and texting with her professional service TextforYou also for Mrs. Paperless. Via her editorials Ulrike motivates me (and hopefully my readers also) to incorporate my idea of a paperless and optimal organized office in companies. Over 15 years the qualified economist Ulrike was internationally active as Marketing Director, f.ex. at Hermes Logistics Group, Parship and publishing houses. She lives with her family in Hamburg.

Ralf Westphal

Ralf Westphal

Ralf Westphal has been my friend, motivator, as well as accountability partner since I began my freelancer carreer. He reminds me of my visions and resolutions. And he supports me in implementing them. Interestingly in that regard it´s even useful that his area of professional expertise is so different from mine. He´s consultant, trainer, author and speaker on topics like software architecture and the software production process. That way he can provide me with a fresh and pretty unbiased view.


Over the years, though, his focus has evolved and his interests have become broader. So we had the idea of doing a seminar together. As a result time management will meet software development in 2014. An exciting experiment…


WebiNet Kommunikationsarchitektur

A solid Website is the best flagship for a company and offers the foundation for first contact with new clients. The trend of the last years for us: the website has become the most important tool in acquisition and therefor has to be professional.

The swift increase of mobile devices makes responsive web-design essential, therewith websites look good and legible on all mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

The professionals at WebiNet implemented our structure and design wishes quickly and to our entire satisfaction, rather they did more than expected and in between times always offered their own creative ideas in the design progress. Our website will be a continuous project, because we always get new ideas and there are new trends on the market. We are glad to have WebiNet on our side, as a company for consulting and to implement.

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