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Why am I a Professional Organizer und Efficiency Trainer?

Easy to explain: organizing and continuous improvement of work flows are my passion!

Thereby developing of ideas and concepts are in my same favor as gripped field work straightforwardly. I like to experience how colleagues and customers breathe a sigh of relief, pick up their courage and regain their fun working in the office.

More and more I am called „Mrs. Paperless“.

While studying I had to work free-lance and could just manage it by very good organization. That meant to find papers very easily, to charge in time and to pay my own bills duly. To retrieve information at any time was necessary and granted facilities. At that time I learned already how useful perfect organization and structured processes are.


This learning was very helpful, especially during my job as executive assistant. I really enjoyed to organize my work environment. Thus the superiors and colleagues always found what they needed right away. Besides it is important to me to constantly improve work processes in my professional life. In my opinion you should never complete this task.


In order to operate economically you have to keep it rolling by continuous trainings –at the present information age anyway and also beyond your own subject area.

In my mind, no company is allowed to waste time and money based on obsolescent working methods, technology or disorganization.


It was always my pleasure to become acquainted with different companies, workplaces and –methods. I understand potential for optimization very quickly. Logical decision that I pursued my profession apposite to my passion for organization and optimization.


To support my clients and to bring the employees in, my motivational ability and extensive patience are very useful. The mixture of understanding, emphasis and velvet gloves in dealing with complex relations is the key to my and your success!

Kati Schümann

Kati Schümann

Kati is our office’s creative allrounder. Always in a good mood, having great ideas, being full of energy and also humoring necessary but boring tasks. Her eye for design and beauty turns our office in a real comfort zone.

Due to her versatile curriculum vitae Kati is able to undertake diverse jobs in small firms. Her organizational skills and reliability are a good pillow. We just can rely on Kati!

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